Marios and KESEA often partner to carry out training sessions regarding a variety of HR related topics, such as managing change, interviewing skills, creating a great CV, etc. He has a degree in Political Economy from the Greenwich University of the UK and a master’s degree in MBA and Human Resource Management from the Cass Business School, UK.

He is a member of the professional organization of Saville and Holdsworth UK, from which he has been certified as a Qualified Career Guidance Consultant. Amongst his many advantages, one is that he is experienced in maintaining close relationships with management teams for the achievement of vision, mission and strategic objectives of the company, promoting company services to the Cypriot labour market, and expansion of the company services through the current client network and provision of constant support to clients.

Regarding his professional experience, he has worked at a plethora of companies at multiple roles and positions, such as Laiki Bank, SFH, PWC, and he is now working at EVALION HSL – Greece and Cyprus as a Partner.

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