As a consultant at KESEA, Haris operates in three areas: Management (Strategy, Management), Operations, and Human Resources. He has 18 years of experience as a business consultant (providing services in strategic, organizational, and human resources issues) and trainer in various areas, out of a total of 28 years of work experience.

Haris is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the field of consulting. In addition to acting as a trainer and providing trainings on his areas of expertise as a consultant, he has trained audiences from public service, local government, private enterprises, students, and others. He also worked as Director of Human Resources for 2 years, creating the department, processes, and operating procedures from scratch.

Upon completing his BSc in Business Economics, Haris gained a fundamental understanding of the market. He then completed a one-year MBA program and, using his knowledge, undertook responsible positions. He began working as a Business Consultant and has worked on a number of projects, conducting trainings for over 7,000 total hours.

2013 - Seven Creative

We made our first commercial website

2014 - Local Business Conference

International Web Design Agency / Developer Award Winner

2017 - Awwwards

Site of the day - lorem ipsum dolor glavrida

2020 - Small Business Awards

Project is featured in "Best 10 Websites" section.

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