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Many companies in the Cypriot market do not have an organized Human Resources department. This can be explained by taking into consideration the choices which an organization has to take: either hire a senior and experienced executive capable of managing an independent HR department, assuming all the responsibilities, OR assign these responsibilities to a junior person, with limited knowledge an experience. In the first case the cost is unbearable, while in the second the benefits are not to the full extent. Due to this, our company offers through the method of HR outsourcing, the design, implementation, and management of all Human Resources functions at a much lower cost for the company, offering the fully extend of services. Furthermore, our team of experts, each specialized in HR areas, provides solutions assuring the provision of excellent and tested tools, the quality and effectiveness of which far exceeds the professional profile of the employees who will be in charge of this department.

Values of our work



We aim to provide our customers fast and efficient services, adhering to the deadlines and timetables agreed upon and ensuring that no delays are made.



Our measure of excellence, where our work is free from defects & deficiencies, brought about by a strict and consistent commitment to specific standards that achieve uniformity of service to satisfy our customers.



Our goal is to cultivate and develop our relationship with the client, in order to ensure that the services provided to them are customised to their needs and necessities.

Human Resources Documents

KESEA’s specialist consultants can prepare a range of forms, documents, and policies for an organisation to use for the correct handling and management of staff and to ensure that it complies with employment rules and legislation.

Human Resource Diagnostic

Through this service, consultancy services are provided for companies, with the goal of preparing a detailed report with the company’s areas of improvement and the best methods of dealing with them, which is delivered to the company. This service is for businesses and organisations, which it helps to better understand their weaknesses and is based on data rather than theory.

Job Descriptions

Preparation of job descriptions for the personnel of an organization, in collaboration with them.

Contracts and Manuals

Business Contracts
Preparation and creation of professional contracts which are based on the current labour legislation, to protect the company and its employees.

Employee Manuals
Creating employee manuals which are in line with the organization’s values and include all the information needed for whoever will be employed at by the client.

Business Policies
Preparation of business related policies and documents based on the needs and the organizational culture of the organization.

Performance Management Systems

A performance management encourages employees to participate in goal setting and ongoing monitoring and communication of progress against goals. A well designed performance management system should not result in surprises at the year-end review meeting.

It is an interactive ongoing process that links the goals and objectives of the organization, departments, and individuals. Performance management is a tool to:

  • link organizational strategy and individual performance
  • plan, direct, and improve performance
  • communicate progress and direction changes

We can help you develop a performance management system that fits with your organizational philosophy and values and deliver customized training so that managers and staff have the tools to utilize the system. 

Employee Engagement Surveys

An employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and the organization’s goals. Employees who are fully engaged will exert discretionary effort, going above and beyond the actions outlined by their job description.

Our employee engagement surveys allow for customization to reflect organization-specific terminology and analysis by relevant demographic groups.


Other Services we offer