Dr. Efthymios Thanasias is a highly accomplished medical professional with an impressive educational background and extensive experience in occupational medicine. He holds a Ph.D. in Prognostic and Predictive factors for lung cancer from the Medical School of the University of Thessaly, an M.Sc. degree in Environment and Health from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, an M.PH. degree in Public Health from the National School of Public Health, and a B.Sc. degree in Medicine from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Dr. Thanasias has been actively involved in teaching occupational medicine and First Aid for over eight years. He is a specialist in Occupational Medicine and has provided his expertise to more than 30 companies in Greece and Cyprus, including Larco General Mining and Metallurgical Company S A, Lrqa – Greece, Vivechrom (Akzo Nobel), Coca Cola Cy, and Alpha Bank – Cy, among others. Additionally, he has served as a Scientist Responsible for Occupational Medicine at various organizations, including larco gmmsa and D.G.S. CRM Cyprus, LTD.

His accomplishments extend beyond his professional roles. Dr. Thanasias has made significant contributions to the field of occupational medicine through his research and publications. He has been involved in research projects focusing on molecular medicine, toxicology, and occupational medicine. Furthermore, he has authored multiple scientific publications on topics such as Legionella spp., hepatitis A virus infection, and occupational allergic asthma.

Dr. Thanasias’ dedication to his field is evident in his involvement in various professional organizations. He is a member of the Greek Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the Pan Cyprian Medical Association, and the Asbestos Forum. Moreover, he has represented Greece in international initiatives, including the European project SAFE START and the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS).

In addition to his research and professional commitments, Dr. Thanasias has been actively engaged in teaching and training activities. He has served as an instructor in Occupational Medicine at the postgraduate program of the School of Medicine, Democritus University of Thrace, and as a First Aid instructor at the New York College.

Dr. Efthymios Thanasias is a distinguished medical professional, researcher, and educator who has made significant contributions to the field of occupational medicine. His expertise, experience, and dedication continue to positively impact the health and safety of individuals in the workplace.

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