KESEA, headquartered in Cyprus, partners with Ludic Group, Global Digital Transformation Experts to enable organisations in the Cypriot Market to make the successful shift to digital.

Founded in 2004, and headquartered in the UK, Ludic is a global consulting organisation, shifting the way people work, live and learn across time and distance. In the Age of Digital, Ludic’s award-wining tools and methods enable organisations to activate their people and transform through accelerated decision making, people and ecosystems engagement and personalised blended learning at scale.

Ludic’s global capability combines a powerful digital transformation platform, with ground breaking tools & methodology, processes and content delivered through a unique suite of apps and a global network of experts, making the delivery of large-scale programmes simple, across time and distance with 100% results and Zero Airmiles.

Powered by SmartLab, their award-winning digital transformation platform, Ludic is revolutionising the consulting model and the way organisations design and deliver global change programmes, faster, better and cheaper, enabling a successful and seamless shift to digital. It is activating people in driving change, collaborating with new, agile ways of working beyond geographical boundaries and rapidly building the skills needed to make the shift a reality.

“It’s the ultimate digital transformation toolkit to equip your business to thrive in a Digital world. It supports organisations at every step of their transformation journey, far faster and more cost effectively than ever before with a proven track record for delivering tangible strategic outcomes for both the individual and for the business”said Garrick Jones, Ludic’s Founding Partner.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Ludic and proud to be the first to offer ground-breaking digital transformation capability in the Cypriot Market” said Anna Xinistery, KESEA Managing Director. “Ludic’s digital platform provides complete digital transformation functionality. It enables rapid global change implementation at significantly reduced delivery costs and increases the quality of outcomes, in a fast-changing business landscape where organizations need to move fast to remain competitive and successful”.

“We are excited to be expanding our offering in Cyprus through KESEA, and we look forward to enabling organisations to make a seamless and successful shift to digital” said Paul Ashcroft, Ludic Group Founding Partner.

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